Whether you are a passionate DIY enthusiast or a veteran woodworker, DeWalt features excellent products for all. In this article, we will look at and discuss another DeWalt marvel, and that is the DeWalt 10-inch table saw.

DeWalt is a renowned company, always coming up with innovations to increase customer satisfaction. This time the manufacturers took portability to new heights with the addition of a rolling stand. With all the excellent features of a standard table saw included, their latest addition has greater mobility.

If you are not much of a reader, then you can look at our brief discussion of the key features present in DWE7491RS. However, if you want a comprehensive understanding of the product, then the DeWalt 10-inch Table Saw Review will follow with a short description.

Before writing this piece, we have thoroughly researched the table saw.

Well, without further ado, let us have a look at the aspects which make the DWE7491RS a table saw worth investing. Before we go any further, we would like to disclose this information that the product is a complete value-pack.

DeWalt 10-inch Table Saw

Key Features

  • Supports narrow rip cuts
  • Smoothly rips through various sturdy materials like large shelves and trim materials with its 32-1/2-inch rip capacity
  • The On-Board Storage mechanism makes the Blade Guard Assembly, wrenches, miter gauge, push stick, riving knife, and other tools more accessible
  • Fence rails support rack and pinion telescoping making any fence related modifications quick, precise, and convenient
  • The setup and breakdown are made easy with wonderful incredible by the rolling stand design
  • A small and portable package can be created using the retraction of the telescoping fence
  • The table saw can rip through hardwood with ease with a 15 AMP motor
  • 2-1/2-inch Dust extraction mechanism allows for more a straightforward cleanup process without much hassle
  • 21-7/8-inch X 26-3/8-inch table offers ample room and support for materials

 DeWalt DWE7491RS 10-inch Table Saw Review

In this upcoming section, we will discuss all the features mentioned in details. By reading through this, you will understand the exact power, mobility, safety measures, and all the other benefits of the DeWalt table saw DWE7491RS. Let us have a look at what makes this product a smart purchase.

The Motor and Blade Speed

The DWE7491RS comes with a 15 AMP motor which is powerful enough to slice through any hardwood. The blade speed of 4899 RPM (rotation per minute) is also higher than many other table-saws available in the market.

The engine quality and blade speed are efficient for various applications. The ones we tested to check for top-tier performance include cutting one maple, and 3/4-inch plywood.DeWalt 10-inch Table Saw

Fence Quality

The manufactures of this product provide an excellent rack and pinion fence. The lock and unlock process is convenient and straightforward, and you can do it by using one hand only. Despite the simplicity of fence adjustment, the wood does not move no matter the pressure you put on it.

Furthermore, the flip over action mechanism enables you to work in two different positions. This is a handy feature when cutting through narrow lumber pieces.

In the professional community, a fence with minimal movement is highly desirable. This feature enables precision, which makes your woodwork top-tier.

RIP Capacity

The DWE7491RS is a leading table saw when it comes to the rip capacity. Most products in the market would shy away when confronted with its beastly power. We have crunched the numbers the rip capacity is an enormous 32-1/2-inches.

This feature allows you to work with large materials; however, it can be tricky. A long and massive wood sheet means it is vulnerable to cracks, or it can also damage the table saw by tipping it over.

No worries, to compensate for this inconvenience there is a rail extension allowing convenient handling of long wood sheets.

Although the table saw has an adequate safety measure, our recommendation would be to work with a partner when it comes to large wood sheets.

The Mobile Stand

With the introduction of this product, the manufacturers take portability to new heights by including a rolling stand. This feature makes the product simple to set up and move around. The ease of movement does not compromise the sturdy base of the table saw.

This product weighs around 90lbs; therefore, lifting it is no less than a herculean task. However, the rolling mechanism allows you to move the saw like a trolley instead of carrying it with your hands.DeWalt 10-inch Table Saw

Accessory Storage

The on-board storage system in DWE7491RS enables you to house your essentials comfortably. It especially helps with blade guard security. During the business of the workplace, the blade guard gets lost easily. The additional storage option prevents this problem.

Furthermore, you can also store other necessary tools like the riving knife, miter gauge, etc.

Dust Extraction

DeWalt always tries to ensure customer satisfaction, and the dust collection system is their way of doing so. While you’re working with wood, a natural consequence is a residue it will create. The dust can make the work inconvenient, or worse, damage your eyes.

The DWE7491S comes with two dust ports, one at the table-rear and the other on top of the blade guard. At the bottom lies a 2-1/2-inch dust port, and at the top one is 1-1/4-inch. The dust collector at the rear can be manually connected to a vacuum for nearly 80% dust extraction.

This dualistic approach to dust extraction can make sure that your workplace remains neat and tidy.DeWalt 10-inch Table Saw

Final Thoughts

DeWalt always tries to uphold their brand image by ensuring top-notch quality with all their products. The DeWalt DWE7491RS 10-inch table saw is no different in this regard. The sheer quality this product provides within its price range makes it an absolute winner.

It is considered one of the best products in its price range available in the market. With its portability, top-tier performance, massive rip capacity, and all the fantastic features we discussed in this DeWalt 10-inch Table Saw Review, the DWE7491RS is an excellent choice.

This table saw receives full marks from our review team, and we think it is a complete value pack. So, what are you waiting for?

Our team wishes you a happy shopping!

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