DeWalt is a household name for any professional builder or home DIY hobbyist. The DeWalt DWE7480 table saw also upholds its brand image. It is a powerful and efficient 10-inch table saw able to cut through sturdy materials.

In this article, we are going to review the DeWalt DWE7480, and whether you should opt for this product, and if this table saw is worth the investment.

Initially, we have briefly put out a sketch of the key features available in this product. Later, we will dive into the nitty-gritty details and show you the vital advantages of this table saw.

Before diving in, you should know that the DeWalt DWE7480 offers portability, excellent performance, and the product is budget-friendly. If you are looking for something lightweight that also packs a strong punch, this particular table saw can solve your problem.

At first, let us have a look at some of the primary features available.


Key Features

  • Fence rails support rack and pinion telescoping making any fence related modifications quick, precise, and convenient.
  • A multitude of variable cut-options is available due to its 24-1/2 inch of a rip, which smoothly slices through large materials.
  • The product can withstand any adverse work conditions due to its sturdy construction.
  • Features Site-Pro Guarding system, which allows for convenient modifications without any additional tools.
  • A High-end performance enabled with 15AMP motor and spinning velocity of 4800 RPM.
  • The table has a base made with a metal cage, which makes the product more durable than other plastic-base products.
  • It only weighs 45lbs, which means increased mobility, easy to move in and out of the workplace.
  • The table saw provides onboard storage, which takes away the hassle of having another bag for storing other tools.
  • Comes with an in-built dust port, with the vacuum hook up of 2-1/ 2 inch the cleanup process becomes simple without any mess.

Dewalt Table Saw DWE7480 Review

Let’s hop into the details of the product. We will discuss how much can you benefit from this purchase? What features make it one of the best in the business?


The DeWalt DWE7480 packs with itself a powerful 15-AMP motor, that can cut through wood and similar materials. Some of the other renowned DeWalt table saws have an identical engine.

The 15 AMP motor tagged with the spinning velocity of 4800 RPM is no slouch and can cut through wood smoothly.

Moreover, in the face of adverse materials, the 24 tooth-10-inch blades can come in handy. When it’s coupled with the proper AMP and RPM, the blade can shine to its fullest potential.

RIP Capacity

You might wonder whether the lower end of rip capacity compared to other DeWalt products compromises the efficiency of DWE7480. Well, according to our research, the almost 24.5-inch rip capacity is able to function in most situations suitably.

Another major point is the table saw’s ability to make bevel cuts. Not a lot of products out there can do this. The bevel degree ranges from 0 to 45, and the size of the blade arbor is 5/8 inches.

Additionally, the rack and pinion telescopic fence can save precious time by allowing you to lock and unlock the table saw without additional tools quickly. The DWE7480 features a great fence.

All professional woodworkers search for a fence that has minimal movement. This feature allows you to work with great precision; therefore, your woodwork can be top-notch.

Ease of Use

Have you ever loathed a table saw because of the heavy lifting it requires to move it? Perhaps you have. However, you will not face this problem with the DWE7480. The product only weighs around 45lbs, making it convenient to carry without the risk of injury or inconvenience.

To complement this portability, the DWE7480 has feet at the end of the stand. This feature enables you to work on an uneven surface. With a little adjustment, you can comfortably make your table saw stand in any place, be it flat or bump.

Function and Operation

Every professional woodworker or serious DIY enthusiast looks for a table saw that offers smoothness and consistency in cuts. Well, the DWE7480 table comes with a low-friction coating that enables comfortable and regular cuts.

The table saw can slice through different materials, including wood, composites, and fabrication lumber. The cuts of DWE7480 are accurate, and the product is energy efficient. If you stay within the specification of the table saw, you won’t have any complaints while working with this product.

Safety Measures and Dust Extraction

DeWalt lives up to its reputation by providing full-proof safety features in all of its products, and DWE7480 is no different. The security measures include a guard system, a push stick, and a riving knife.

Moreover, this table saw has an anti-kickback mechanism. If the blade somehow catches the anti-kickback system holds the lumber to avert injury to workers.

Additionally, the product features an efficient dust extraction system. A standard hose outlet of 2-1/2-inch is connected to a dust bag for collecting the residue.

The dust extraction mechanism is a staple of the table saw’s quality. With this in-built system, the operation becomes much smoother with minimal effort in cleaning up.DEWALT DWE7480

In Conclusion

Here you have it, and this article has all the details you need to know about the DeWalt DWE7480 table saw. This product has extensive features, and it’s within a standard price range.

If you are looking for a table saw which has adequate power, precision, and portability, then the DWE480 is a smart choice. It can become a valuable addition to your workshop. Go for this product if you feel like you need an excellent table saw, but you have to move it around frequently.

Usually, lightweight table saws are considered to have insufficient power, but the DWE7480 is an exception. In this article, all the technical specifications are outlined in detail for your convenience.

If you have read through the whole article, we would definitely recommend the DEWALT DWE7480 table saw. Finally, we wish you a happy shopping!

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