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A reciprocating saw is so good for cutting various types of materials, such as masonry, concrete, ceramic, metal, plastic, wood, etc. But have you ever thought about the reciprocating saw maintenance? Listen, maintaining the saw in a proper way can enhance the efficiency and lifespan of the machine, and you will get the feeling of using a new one daily.

Honestly, the work of maintenance is not daunting; only patience is required. Hmm, dear friends, if you regularly follow some steps in a systematic way, your machine will serve you for a long time like a new one.

As we always think about the satisfaction of our customers, in this article, I will tell you about some techniques regarding how to maintain a reciprocating saw perfectly. Let’s see them at a glance.

Reciprocating Saw Maintenance

Steps Need To Be Taken To Your Work Area

Certainly, your working place where you make new things or repair and modify old ones is connected to the reciprocating saw, so you have to take care of it first if you want to use the saw without any hindrance and keep it always new.

  • Firstly, clean your working area daily, make it well-ventilated, and decorate the place with high-power lights so that you can observe every nook and corner accurately. Remember, dark areas and untidy benches are responsible for causing accidents.
  • Secondly, always avoid using power tools in inflammable areas where you gather dust, gases, and flammable liquids. As a saw user, of course, you know power tools create fires, and that is why they may come into contact with those explosive things and create explosions.
  • Finally, keep visitors, children, or other people away from the place when you use your power tools because something severe can happen if you go absent-minded.
Reciprocating Saw Maintenance

Think About The Exact Power Requirements

Whether you use a cordless, battery-powered reciprocating saw or a corded one, you have to think about their exact power requirements. Generally, corded ones come with a perfect battery, but when the replacement time comes, you must insert one that can cope with the machine; otherwise, both battery and device have the chance to get damaged.

Now I am talking about the power source of a corded reciprocating saw. Surprisingly, different saws have different power ratings, so you have to think about it carefully. When you plug your device into the socket, make sure that the socket has the proper voltage output.

Some saws contain dual insulation and a polarized plug; in that case, you should use a reversed one, or if you want hassle-free services, a polarized outlet can be the ideal option for you.

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Choose Proper Accessories

Reciprocating saws are suitable for cutting masonry, concrete, ceramic, metal, plastic, and wood. But here, you need to choose proper accessories, such as right saw blades, lubricants, etc., for respective cuts. As masonry, concrete, and ceramics are more rigid and solid, using the perfect lubricant is essential to keep the saw blade alright.

Apart from that, using high-quality non-flammable liquid lubricants will enhance the efficiency and lifespan of the machine. And remember one thing, please don’t force any blade to cut different things; rather, use a blade made for cutting a specific item.

For example – if you cut ceramics using a woodcutting blade, it will not be suitable for both machine and blade. Eventually, your device will be spoilt soon, remember.

Deal with the blades carefully

You will get a variety of reciprocating saws on the market, but not all of them belong to the same model, so you will find variations in the blade’s shape and size. Be careful before purchasing one for your machine. And don’t forget to insert and remove the blade carefully because those are also the times when your blade can break down.


Reciprocating saw maintenance is not that difficult; just follow the instructions above, and you will understand how easy the process is. But what you need is the patience to take care of the machine daily. Cleaning the saw regularly will look like a new one, and doing other things following our methods will keep your machine’s inside perfect.

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