Are you planning to make a fancy table for your backyard or enthusiast about creating one? If so, then you must be looking for a table saw that can offer various features and functions. But it is not worth buying an expensive tool if you are going to use it occasionally. For that reason, from the market of the enormous product, we have decided to review SKIL 3410-02 Table Saw to help you purchase a reasonable tool to work on your hobby.

Moreover, this unit is compact as well as made up of lightweight material, which makes it durable at the same time portable. This heavy-duty steel construction helps you to assemble it very quickly.

Besides, this unit comprises many more sophisticated features, including a folding stand, EZ view, aligning fence, and powerful motor for ripping all types of woods.

If you are not much of a reader, we suggest you take a glance at our brief discussion of the highlighted features. However, we have provided a detailed description of each element for comprehensive understanding in case you are a newbie regarding table saw.

Well, with further talking, let us see what makes this unit a perfect choice for improving your DIY skills.

SKIL 3410-02

Highlighted Features of SKIL 3410-02 10-Inch Table Saw

  • Large table made of cast aluminum
  • 15 amp inductive motor that ensures professional finish cut
  • Heavy-duty but lightweight
  • Robust steel folding stand that gives a firm base
  • Easy mounting and set up because of its foldable stand
  • Compact and portable which can be carried to your worksite
  • EZ View that allows accurate measuring
  • Self-aligning fence that keeps each cut consistent
  • Onboard storage to prevent losing any tools
  • The table saw offers 15-Amp motor including 5000 RMP speed, which can rip through hardwood with ease

SKIL 3410-02 10-Inch Table Saw Review

In this upcoming section, we added all the features with a thorough explanation. From this piece, readers will be able to enhance their understanding of its exact power, mobility, safety measures, and all the other benefits.SKIL 3410-02

Power & Blade Capacity

In terms of efficiency, this unit is no exception than any other professional tool. It comes with a 15-Amp motor that is enough for any job site. Besides, it does not create any power hiccups that make each of the steps smooth and perfect.

Moreover, the quality of the blade decides the rip capacity of a table saw, and it offers you a 10-inch carbide tooth-blade that runs with speed 5000 RPM.

It is indeed an excellent one as most of the heavy-duty project does not need more than that. Thus, you can get a perfectly smooth cut within this speed, including maximum ripping quality in thicker material.

EZ View Measurement

Accuracy is an issue wherever you work. However, manufacturers of this product provide an excellent EZ View Measurement system, including a rip fence, which is indeed a blessing for beginners.

This self-aligning rip fence assures whether the material is square or not. Besides, this system comes with the unlocking and lock process. It gives a rigid adjustment, so the wood does not move no matter the pressure is applied.

Therefore, this mechanism can give accurate cut every single time you require.

Heavy-duty Folding Stand

Durability is one of the major concerns of any tool that no one wants to compromise. So, SKIL brings the sturdiest steel stand that is foldable and quite simple to mount and move around.

This folding stand can provide enough stability to the table saw. Besides, the body is made of cast aluminum, which is robust as well as comes with an idle work size.

Furthermore, this unit gives you the preference of detaching the saw and setting it into another stand. Even though it does not have wheels, but this feature allows you to carry it out very quickly.

Onboard Accessory Storage

The onboard storage of this product enables you to organize your tools and accessories in one secure place. It is especially convenient for blade guard security because there is a high possibility of losing it while traveling in different workplaces. Thus, this built-in storage prevents the chance of losing anything.

Safety Features

It does not matter whether you are a hobbyist or a professional, advanced safety features are compulsory requirements for both. Regarding that, this unit comes with various functions that will ensure your maximum security.

On the top of the bench, it has built-in riving pawl that has enough competence to encounter any kickbacks. Besides, the blade comes with a transparent blade guard, which allows you to take a straight-forward glance of the blade to prevent further mishap.

Also, the guard mechanism is adjustable, so within a moment, you can attach it or detach. Thus, you can work without any tension as there is enough option to protect your hands from moving the blade.

Easy & Quick Mounting

The table saw offers you a quick-mount system. It comes with a well-constructed foldable steel stand that is very straight-forward to set up. In one word, you need to unfold the stand, rather than that there is no work for its installation.


One of the best things about this product is that it offers you plenty of functions like any other expensive tool within a very affordable range. If you compare its price with features, then it is undoubtedly worth investing unit.

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Final Verdict

SKIL always tries to uphold their brand image by introducing products that are not only top-notch quality but also reasonably priced for everyone. However, we expect our review of SKIL 3410-02 Table Saw is instructive enough to make you understand the value of this product.

Regardless, with its portability, excellent rip-capacity, mobility, and top-tier performance, indeed nominate it for the best choices. However, this unit is always appreciated by users for being reasonable.

Before reviewing the product, we researched for months. This product receives full marks from us. Hence, we think it is a complete value pack having the competence of fulfilling all your expectations.

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