What Is A Reciprocating Saw? | A Critical Analysis

A reciprocating saw is a convenient tool that can cut not only wood but also masonry, concrete, ceramic, metal, plastic, and the like. That is why it has been one of the most popular saws in many workshops. Workers get various types of advantages from it. Incredibly, it can efficiently work even where a hammer cannot. Isn’t it surprising enough?

Whether you want to use the saw in construction or demolition work, it doesn’t matter; the machine can meet your demand efficiently. And the operation task is more manageable, so you will never undergo sufferings while cutting any materials.

But what is a reciprocating saw? If you don’t know earlier, it doesn’t matter. As we always think about the advantage of our customers, in this article, we will you the ins and outs of a reciprocating saw. Let’s know about them in details:

What is a Reciprocating Saw?

A reciprocating saw looks like a drill machine but has a blade in the front and cuts materials through a push and pull movement of the blade. This one is exceptionally suitable for demolition and construction works. People also know them as Recip or Hognose saw. Like a jigsaw, it also contains a large blade, and the handle it has – is ideal for using the machine on vertical surfaces. Fortunately, you can make various types of cuts if you include this saw in your workshop.

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Kinds Of Reciprocating Saw

With the advancement of modern science and technology, manufacturers are inventing different saws to make things easier for workers. Hence, you will also get different kinds of reciprocating saw on the market. After researching for hours, we have found the following types for you. Let’s have a look:

  • Corded reciprocating saw
  • Cordless reciprocating saw
  • Plumbing and HVAC reciprocating saw
  • Mini reciprocating saw
  • Pneumatic reciprocating saw
  • And compact or one-handed reciprocating saw

The Way A Reciprocating Saw Works

When you plug it into the socket, the reciprocating saw gets its power, and then you need to switch it on, and the blade starts moving forwards and backward at high speed. As a woodworker, you must see this picture while using a jigsaw.

However, now your saw is ready to cut your intended material but remember, don’t use a blade that is not made for a specific material. For example – use a wood cutting blade while cutting wood; on the other hand, use a metal cutting blade while cutting metals. Am I clear to you?

Another thing you must keep in mind, please, buy a saw with an LED light because sometimes, you may need to work in a dark area, and the light will help you see clearly.

The Uses of A Reciprocating Saw

  • Handles Metallic and Wooden Materials: Very few saws can make both curved and straight cuts, but the manufacturer has designed this one in such a way that you can cut both with the help of it. And it’s a compact one and can be carried from one place to another without facing any obstacles. When you go outside for cutting work, you need not pack up your big bag with various tools. Just take this versatile one and accomplish all you need to cut.
  • Tree Pruning Or Trim: Can you imagine that this saw can prune or trim the tender or large branches of the trees all around your house? As this one is extremely lightweight, you can tie it on the top of a long pole and trim the branches that are spoiling the beauty of your house. How convenient that is! Therefore, you need not break your bank to buy a separate trimming saw for your garden. 
  • Other Works: The Reciprocating saw is ideal for both construction and demolition work. What you need is to use separate blades for doing particular jobs. The framework is another typical work workers usually do, and as this saw can make both curved and straight cuts, they can also use it for the framework. Plumbing is another common work that can be quickly done with this excellent device.


Many workers don’t know about what is a reciprocating saw is and its uses. Our article must help you understand it with ease, and at the same time, the use of the saw will help you eradicate the burden of carrying extra tools while working both in and outside.

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